Dear Sons and Daughters of our parish,       

Below is a wonderful email from St. Elisabeth Convent in Belarus. It is an antidote for the madness with which we are surrounded and make some of the alternatives I have seen on the internet look like Punch and Judy shows. Fr. Michael and I served the Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning as usual (well not normal) and you were all remembered before God. Thank you to Tom Best who did a marathon chanter's job and Jordan who served. 

Much Love

Fr. George.  


Dear Friend, It is Sister Anastasia. I pray that this email finds you safe.

As you know, in response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many churches are unfortunately closing their doors and no longer offering Mass or Liturgy.

Maybe your church has unfortunately closed, too?

Thanks to God, our churches here in Belarus, unlike in Western Europe and America, are open and will stay open. Here at the St. Elisabeth Belarusian Orthodox Convent, we are NOT closing our doors, and we hope that many other churches around the world would re-open as soon as possible.

We are also keeping our Lenten prayer services and partaking in Holy Communion, just as we always do.

Because we are blessed here to keep our doors open, we are conscious of our responsibility before God to pray for the people throughout the world who are suffering from Coronavirus, fear, uncertainty, and EVEN the prohibition to pray in their churches together.

Therefore, everyone at the St. Elisabeth Convent feels that we must pray EVEN more for all the world, especially for you!

So please rest assured that we are praying for you in our church - night and day.

Also, to bring you more comfort during these uncertain times, I ask that you watch this short video of Father Andrey speaking to the young children of our primary school. He explains to them what is happening in the world, and I think you will gain much comfort from the words of this very wise and holy man.

With prayers and love,

Sister Anastasia and the Sisters of Saint Elisabeth Convent.

What are your prayer intentions? Please click this link to let us know.