This is a short article with the sole purpose of advertising another article - one which I believe deserves a wider audience amongst Christians.

The article in question, entitled 'Worshipping Jesus at a Mosque', and published on Journey to Orthodoxy on January 15, 2013 By was first brought to my attention via the Facebook page of our Dean, Fr Gregory.

It concerns Muslims who find Jesus and the best way for them of responding to it. It certainly highlighted for me just how much harm can be, and often is, done, albeit with the best of intentions, by those who go out to seek converts from those of other faiths without paying proper attention to their prospective converts' cultural background and needs and to what works for them.

The topic of Muslims converting to Christianity puts me in mind of a conversation I had some years ago with a Muslim colleague of mine where I used to work. It was around the time that Mel Gibson's film, 'The Passion of the Christ', was released. My Muslim friend was at pains to point out to me just how important followers of his faith regard Jesus; albeit only as a Prophet and even then subordinate to Mohammed. He told me that many of his Muslim friends were going to see the film and held it in high regard. So - may be the step from Islam to Christianity isn't such a leap as we might think.

Please take the time to read the article for yourself and take on board what it is saying before making up your own mind about it. I certainly welcome its message with an open heart and pray for its continued success.

Praised be the Lord in all His works.

You can find the article in question by clicking on the following link: -

Worshipping Jesus At A Mosque