Revival of Orthodoxy In Russia (Exhibition in Moscow)

"What happens when technology and big money work together for God's Glory? Just watch this great presentation of Moscow Exhibition The Revival, great New 2012 Year Gift for all of us. Glory to God for All Things!"

Apparently this film has been doing the rounds for some months but has only just come to my attention thanks to our sister, Catrina.

I found the film very moving and emotional, especially sections showing the Stalinists destroying churches and burning sacred icons - I'm just a big softy at heart and these scenes brought tears to my eyes. How different modern day Russia is for Christians in that country but it reminds us that even today Christians throughout the world are still being systematically perscuted, often on a daily basis. Please remember them in your daily prayers.

'Lord, keep all Christians ever true to You and bring them, at the last, triumphant into your kingdom, oh Thou who alone art worthy of all glory, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen'.

To go to YouTube and view the film (approx thirteen minutes in length) please click either this link: Revival of Orthodoxy In Russia or the photo above.