The new icon of SS Columba and Kentigern was donated by Zlatina Pavlov's mother and father Katya and Lyubomir Todorov on behalf of Zlatina and Pavel for the warm welcome they have received in our parish. The beautiful icon was painted by Zlatina's grandmother Lilia Nesterova especially for our church and will hang on our Iconostasis in place of the existing icon of St Columba. We were also given many copies of the new icon to distribute and also copies of the Paschal icon which had been painted by Katya Todorov.
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We also received gifts of cotton wool impregnated with oil from a miraculous icon on Mount Athos which has a wonderful aroma along with incense to burn on our Patronal Festivals.
Any reproduction of the icon doesn't do justice to the original, it is for us a wonderful gift for which we are extremely grateful.

Much Love,

Fr. George