Fr. David died on the Feast of the Synaxis of the Holy, Glorious, and All-praised Twelve Apostles and on one of the two Sundays when we commemorate All Saints of Britain. What a fitting tribute to Fr. David’s faith and God’s Grace that it was on this day that he was taken from us to be with the Lord. In the nineteen nineties Fr. David along with other clergy of the Anglican church sought to become Orthodox and bring the natural faith of our land back to witness to the faith of the Apostles and all our British saints. I was never an Anglican priest and was Orthodox at the time of their reception into the Orthodox Church so I cannot imagine what soul searching and sacrifice Fr. David made at this time, leaving all security and having the vision to seek Orthodoxy, it has to be said in the face of severe opposition. The fact of the reality of this vision coming to fruition is a great testimony to Fr. David’s courage.

He was also responsible for the acquisition of our church building in Edlington and founded the parish of St. Columba and St. Kentigern which from the seed that he planted by the grace of God our parish has grown and prospered. Without his initial input and vision none of this would have been possible. Let us not forget that all his trials and triumphs were shared with another, his wife Sheila who has been a great support and help. Father David “Memory Eternal!”

Fr George Evans