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NEW RELEASE: Do the Little Things: Saint David of Wales

As an Orthodox Christian, it's easy to look to the east when considering the lives of the saints. Across the centuries, many great saints have arisen from the Holy Land, Greece, Russia, and other Orthodox lands. But did you know that there are also a good number of saints from the pre-schism era who lived in western Europe and the British Isles and are recognized by our Church? One such example is Saint David of Wales, a sixth-century bishop, missionary, and ascetic who followed the way of the Cross and, through the Holy Spirit, worked numerous wonders among the Celtic people. Saint David's life offers a good example of the type of monasticism practiced by Celtic Christians. They were greatly influenced by the desert fathers of Egypt and also the writings of St. John Cassian. Perhaps this is why early Celtic Christianity has a great affinity with the spirituality of the Eastern Orthodox today. Yet, as one recent scholar notes, there is much that is foreign to our modern world:

"The way of the Cross for Celtic Christians was the way of heroic loyalty, obedience, and suffering. It involved study and thought, doctrine and orthodoxy, art and imagination. It was a complete, unified way of life, lived intimately with God. Our fragmented modern world, both secular and religious, has a lot to learn from it." 

Perhaps a good place to start is with David, the patron saint of Wales. As he taught, while not everyone is blessed with the power to work miracles, all are capable of doing the little things each day which will help shine the light of Christ into our world's darkness and give hope to others. May we all find the life of St. David to be a powerful testimony of the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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