The following is an excerpt from our Metropolitan's first letter to the Archdiocese, October 2015:

"God Bless you all.

I greet you with love and joy in Christ.

I pray that our Lord grants you all good health in body and soul for you and your families and parishes.

I want to thank you all and the parishes for your prayers for me, especially for my ordination, it was a great blessing for me that day to know that I am in your prayers.

Maybe you have many expectations of me, but I have nothing to offer except the love of Christ, His example, teaching and salvation for you and for all humanity.

We have to love each other first to show all humanity that we are sons of Christ; the Son does not disobey the Father, so we, in His image, have to obey His words in our Holy Bible and love each other freely, willingly, unconditionally.

Please therefore, continue to pray unceasingly, observe the fasts, read the Holy Bible, and keep all the sacraments of the Church, building your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Let us all put the entire Archdiocese in the midst of our hearts and hold it there to love and cherish it and our brothers and sisters in it, we are all invited to be one before God, and this unity is through love of Christ and each other. After so many decades of your asking our Lord, you now have a Bishop to be with you permanently. I will dedicate the rest of my life serving you and the body of Christ His Church; together we will strive to enter His salvation and pray for the salvation of the world. I will seek each of you out individually to find out how much I need of you too. This is a small cross given to us by our Lord to love and serve each other in obedience and humility to Him, compared to the Great and Life-Giving Cross He bore for our sakes and for the whole world. I hope to help you bear your cross and you will help me to bear mine, until it is time for us to join Him eternally. Our lives are now bound together for evermore and our destiny is Christ and only Christ.

Pray for me always.

With love in Christ to you all and to your parishes

Metropolitan Siloun"

We wish him many years.