"An Athonite elder said: Once I was on a bus. What a situation! Somebody asked the driver to lower the radio. “We have a priest among us,” he said, for they had noticed me. The driver put the sound higher. I was saying the Jesus Prayer. The person who had spoken wanted to help me, but I said, “It doesn’t bother me,” for I was thinking: if, God forbid, there were an accident and they brought all the people out of the bus - one having a broken leg, another an injured head, another crying, and perhaps even a little child hurt - how could I endure such a sight? “Thanks be to God,” I said to myself, “Everyone here is well and they can even sing!”"
Anonymous [035]

Details routine local services such as Great Vespers and Divine Liturgy occuring most every week along with special services such as occur during Holy Week.