"Someone who has actually tasted truth is not contentious for truth. Someone who is considered among men to be zealous for truth has not yet learnt what truth is really like: once he has truly learnt it, he will cease from zealousness on its behalf. The gift of God and of knowledge of Him is not a cause for turmoil and clamour; rather this gift is entirely filled with a peace in which the Spirit, love, and humility, reside. The following is a sign of the coming of the Spirit: the person whom the Spirit has overshadowed is made perfect in these very virtues. God is reality. The person whose mind has become aware of God does not even possess a tongue with which to speak, but God resides in his heart with great serenity. He experiences no stirring of zeal nor argumentativeness, nor is he stirred by anger. He cannot even be aroused concerning the faith."
St. Isaac the Syrian [092]

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