Sts Columba & Kentigern
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church, Staveley Street, Edlington, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Orthodox Cross
Situated above our church's main entrance
(Old) Icons of our Patron Saints
(These can still be viewed in our church)
Iconastasis showing the new Icon of Sts Columba and Kentigern
Sorry its a bit fuzzy, I'l try and get and better one as soon as I can
Our Patriarch and Metropolitan
Patriarch John 10th (left) and Metropolitan Silouan (right)
Icon of Christ flanked by Our Lady and St John the Forerunner
In pride of place on the Iconastasis, this icon was gifted to our church by Fr George in loving memory of Fr Dennis
The Altar
Viewed through the Royal Doors
The Bishop's Chair and Choir Stand
The item to the left is the Sepulchre, used during the seasons of Great Lent and Pascha
Ordination event at St Columba's May 2014
The whole congregation with the Clergy and Archbishop Ignatios
(New) Icon of St Columba (right) and St Kentigern (left)
Gifted to our church by Katiya Todorova
Our Clergy
Fr George (left) and Fr Deacon Thomas (right)
Our Archbishops Visit 12th Feb. 2017
"Ptolemais is a city of Phoenicia. There is a village nearby called Parasma in which there resided a great elder. He had a disciple named John who was also great and who excelled in obedience. One day the elder sent the disciple to perform a task for him, giving him a little bread to sustain him on the way. The disciple went and completed the task and then came back, bringing the bread with him untouched. When the elder saw the bread, he said to him, "Why did you not eat any of the bread I gave you, my child?" Making a prostration, the disciple said to the elder, "Forgive me, father, but when you blessed the bread and dismissed me, you did not say I was to eat of the bread, and that is why I did not eat it." Amazed at the disciple's discernment, the elder gave him his blessing."
John Moschus [069]