Sts Columba and Kentigern
Antiochian Orthodox Church, Edlington, Doncaster, SY, UK
The Orthodox Cross
- situated above the Main Door
The Notice Board
- sadly, now rather out of date
Icons of Sts Columba and Kentigern
- now superceded by a new icon of both Saints
The Iconastasis
- Needs updating for new icon of Sts Columba and Kentigern, etc
Icon of Jesus flanked by Mary and John the Forerunner
Blessed Virgin Mary, Christ Pantokrator, John the Baptist and Forerunner
The Altar
- viewed through the Royal Doors in the Iconastasis
A view of the Chancel
showing the Bishops Chair and choir stand
A view of the Chancel
(I forgot to move my coat before taking this image - oops!)